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What if the non-profit sector would be more inclusive?

As part of our project on inclusion, my teammates Susanne, from Germany, Melissa, from Scotland, and myself have been designing an online workshop for the non-profit sector. In Scotland, where volunteering is the most common route to work, disabled people are less than half as likely to access volunteering than other people. And even when they get a volunteering position, at the end they are not offered a job as often as other people. Continue reading

On the occasion of Volunteers’ Week in Scotland, here is an update on what my experience in Edinburgh has looked like so far

In January, I have come over to Edinburgh as a volunteer through the European Solidarity Corps, an initiative empowering young people to engage themselves in the response to societal challenges. Despite seeing many expats escaping their host country due to the current pandemic, I have not considered going back home earlier. I have lived in different countries over the last decade, and not being set apart from the local community, whatever happens, has always been my philosophy. Continue reading