What if the non-profit sector would be more inclusive?

As part of our project on inclusion, my teammates Susanne, from Germany, Melissa, from Scotland, and myself have been designing an online workshop for the non-profit sector. In Scotland, where volunteering is the most common route to work, disabled people are less than half as likely to access volunteering than other people. And even when they get a volunteering position, at the end they are not offered a job as often as other people.

Therefore, we want the sector to shift from an approach based on integration to true inclusion. That means not only allowing disabled people to access volunteering, but making the adaptations they need. That means changing application processes and the way organisations host their volunteers to show them they value difference. That means supporting them up to mainstream leadership roles.

Here is the recording of our first workshop provided on Wednesday 3rd June 2020, for Volunteers’ Week, and hosted by Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface…


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