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Making my way into the UN, step by step

First, I was an intern in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, then, a consultant for the UN Agency for Refugees, and now, I am an officer within the International Labor Organization (ILO). Up to date, I was looking at these 3 contracts as separate entities, without linkages, because gosh there has been several years and many, many other adventures in between each one. But today I am looking at this as a whole cycle, an evolving trajectory, and it feels so good.

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A potential lawyer’s chronicle: passing the bar examination on the first attempt with no sight. 

When the results were announced, my universe filled with beautiful colours. With a hand pressed to my chest, I slowly breathe out, releasing the pressure I had accumulated during the past few weeks. I had just got a ticket for my dream profession. A good thing I was sitting because everything was spinning around me. I felt an indescribable sensation of freedom as if I had run my best marathon, win my most tough match, swam my longest distance, pushed back the barriers as far as I’ve ever done before. I’ve done my most beautiful travel, written the most beautiful page of my life, reaching the stars. Only a tiny circle of people know what I have gone through to manage it. So to thank them and to pass the torch to future candidates, with or without sight, I decided to broadcast this experiment.